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Apparel and Equipment
1. All riders must wear helmets with a permanent strap attached: snaps are not allowed. Helmets must have sufficient padding and be of good quality. The ABA highly recommends a full-face helmet or a helmet that covers the ears.
2. All riders must wear enclosed shoes that are sufficient to protect the rider's feet.
3. All riders must wear long pants (waist to ankles): No shorts, with or without shin and/or kneepads, will be allowed
4. All riders must wear long sleeved shirts, Short sleeved shirts and sufficient elbow padding is allowable.
5. All riders, mechanics and pit crews should have a clean and neat appearance.
6. Handlebars may not exceed 30" in width.
7. Handlebar grips are required and must be sufficient to cover any metal on th ends.
8. All kickstands, chain guards, fenders and reflector brackets must be removed.
9. Padding of 1/4" thickness is required on the frame's top tube, stem and handlebar crossbar and must be securely fastened
10. The bicycle frame and it's parts must be in good condition with no broken welds ar jagged exposures.
11. Axle ends may not exceed 1/4" beyond the axle nut or must be cut
12. No wing nuts are allowed to secure the wheels to the frame or fork.
13. No bicycle with any freestyle type pegs will be allowed on the track at any time
14. Face protection is recommended but not mandatory.
15. Seats must be fastened so as not to slip during competition. The seat must not have any exposed metal or sharp edges.
16. All bikes must have some form of operating braking system-hand and/or coaster (foot) brake.
17. All equipment must be safe and in good condition in order to compete or practice.

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